Sidekick for Startups

We understand that running a startup is no easy task, it’s easy to let things slip. Sidekick is the perfect assistant to help you out at times like this, and will quickly get everything under control without you having to worry.

Immediate organisation

We are forward-thinking accountants, and believe that having your accounts in order will benefit you and prepare you for the future. We’ll get all of this sorted straight away so that you can focus on your work.

Simple, easy-to-navigate accounting software

We are proud partners of Xero, cloud-based accounting software that makes it easy for you to keep control of your accounts. You’ll receive free training with this (although it’s pretty simple anyway!) and will be able to access it anywhere, anytime.

Personal support

Annual financial statements, returns, minutes… you need it, you’ve got it! We’ll ensure all of these are done for you so you don’t have to worry.


What is your company background? What do you do? How long have your been in business? How many employees etc?

Le Wagon UK Ltd is a coding school has been in business for 6 months, however it’s holding company in France has been trading for 3 years.

Le Wagon UK Ltd has one full time employee but employs  2 or 3 freelance teachers all the time.

What challenges or needs did you face that led you to look for a solution like DJCA?

We specifically chose DJCA because you’re a 10 minute walk away and because I trusted you the most. I spoke to a few companies and you felt like friends from the beginning.

And of course we needed DJCA for filing, sorting messy accounts etc.

Describe your selection process and what you found most attractive about DJCA? 

As above, mainly it was trust. Having started using DJCA you’re incredibly efficient and friendly and wouldn’t use anyone else.

I found DJCA on Google, and I think I searched in the area too.

Were there any problems with implementation and how were they overcome?

Not at all. It was all great.

What are three words that describe your experience working with DJCA and why would you recommend them to your peers?

Trust, friendliness and Efficiency

What do you like best about Xero software? Are there any features you think could be improved?

We use it in its very basic form and it’s doing a great job.

What is your favourite thing to do in London in your spare time?

I don’t really have ant spare time.

Do you have any other comments regarding your experience with DJCA?

It’s  great and I’d recommend DJCA to anyone.

Recommended Package

  • Free Xero implementation.
  • Meetings, phone & email support.
  • Accounts, tax, VAT & payroll.


  • Ideal for Startups

from £250 pm +VAT