Speciality Coffee

So why have we created the speciality coffee community? Hopefully, this blog will enlighten you on this…

Since starting my role back in December I have become immersed in the speciality coffee world. I have enjoyed a morning coffee for years but have never really sat back and thought about what goes on behind the scenes. I’ve been lucky enough in the past few months to have tasted some of the best cups of coffee in London and probably the world for that mind. Although this is one serious perk to what I do, what really has fascinated me is everyone’s story and passion for what they do.

Having worked across several sectors I can assure you that not every industry has the community feel that the speciality coffee does. One thing that was feedback to us from the speciality coffee world connect in January was that it was extremely helpful to hear about how other coffee shops have dealt with similar scenarios. A sense of not feeling alone.

I know in the speciality coffee world that a lot of you already help each other out but that being said there isn’t a platform to communicate nor are their regular events. I have witnessed first-hand many of you wearing different hats when it comes to running your coffee shops. Whether it is operations, marketing or finances there certainly is a lot to juggle. Everyone has their strengths but it’s often identifying areas of weakness and working on those traits to grow. Having a support network can only help.

I am sure that you look at certain coffee shops and think that they are doing that quite well. This community will allow you to pick each other’s brains and discuss areas you are uncertain about. It’s more than likely that the shop you are admiring from afar has been through the struggles you are experiencing and may not have got things right the first time around. It surely can’t do any harm asking how they got there.

So why this format? I have seen how little spare time you all have therefore we have created a platform in which you can participate as much as you please. But when you do participate it’s going to help you and other coffee shops out. With the slack channel, roundtable and the occasional social meet up it should work as a nice balance and have the desired impact.  

During the roundtable series we will be having a range of guests to provide knowledge in their specialist field, and we are always there should you need any finance to advise. So hopefully you all take something from the community and have some fun along the way