Our short form helps us identify your qualifying activities, the tool takes under 5 minutes and is fully confidential, we will get back to you right away.

Initial consultation

Meet over Zoom with our in-house R&D team to unlock your qualifying activities.

We’ll kick things off with an initial meeting where we will discuss your business and the projects you have been working on. Then provide you with an indication of whether our experts think that you will be eligible for the SME or RDEC scheme.

Data Report
Seamless information handover

You might believe this will be time consuming, think not.

Share us into to your accounting software and your most recent accounts. We will then begin unearthing your qualifying investment into technical & scientific advancements.

Technical report building

We start our work to build your R&D claim to HMRC.

Our ACCA qualified professionals work with your project manager to document your qualifying activities after really getting to know your business, ensuring that all projects meet with tax laws and guidance.

Visual Data
Submission & year ahead

Submitting your R&D report to HMRC.

Once submitted, we will work with you to put clear processes in place to make your next R&D claim as smooth as possible. Including splitting out your qualifying projects in Xero and providing your project managers framework for the year ahead.

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Applying for R&D Tax Credits needn't be arduous.

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