Speak to us today to outsource your payroll to djca and we will provide a complete end to end payroll service

Only a true genius would recognise the complexities of payroll. A spotlight has been shone on the payroll world in recent years, with the constant updating of legislation affecting all businesses. Payroll must be efficient, accurate and compliant to enable a business to remain resilient and competitive in this ever-changing environment. Here at djca our payroll team are dedicated to taking the hassle of running payroll away from you,  so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Our team, headed up by our CIPP qualified Payroll Manager, can guarantee your employees will be paid accurately and on time. We will deal with all queries and compliance issues to ensure peace of mind using our expert knowledge of payroll in an ever-changing industry. Payroll today is about so much more than simply paying employees. Effective payroll operations can have a positive effect on employee well-being. The Payroll Function’s data and analytics can have a profound effect on an organisation’s strategy. Your payroll will operate seamlessly, freeing your HR, finance, and admin teams from time-consuming work.

Speak to us today to outsource your payroll to djca and we will provide a complete end to end payroll service

  • Processing all employee data and pay details including all additions and deductions. Calculating the Tax, National Insurance, and Statutory payments
  • Paying all employees accurately and on time directly into bank accounts if needed
  • Sending all compliant Real Time Information required to HMRC to ensure data is correct
  • Comply with National Minimum wage requirements
  • Help reclaim your statutory payments
  • Prepare payslips and end of year P60 forms for all employees.
  • Multiple pay frequencies are catered for within the payroll system; Weekly, Fortnightly, 4-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly. All pay frequencies can be run simultaneously within the one employer data file if needed
  • Comply with Automatic Enrolment duties and send all data to the pension provider
  • Provide payroll reports to the business each time the payroll is processed. All reports can be customised and/or filtered to suit your reporting requirements, including /excluding payroll periods, payroll items and/or employees
  • You can access your own personal employer dashboard. This dashboard includes an overview of your employer details, notifications, all employee’s contact details and payslips, any outstanding amounts due to HMRC and reports. You can also access a company annual leave calendar via their dashboard making it easier to manage staff leave
  • Employees can access their own personal payroll information through the employee self-service payslip platform. Employees can view and retrieve their historic payslips and other payroll documents such as a P60, P45, or P11Ds and auto enrolment letters. These documents can then be exported to PDF and printed. This platform can be accessed by employees anywhere, anytime
  • Update you on any legislation changes and communicate with HMRC and pension providers when necessary
Automatic Enrolment Pension
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